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Supervision of large audience of meeting is made by several persons who adhere to the uniform instruction. precedes preparation of the protocol of data recording of supervision not only development of the general concept, but also numerous non-standard supervision on different objects (in our case - meetings of the different organizations and collective.

fifthly, the public opinion represents a specific product of interaction of people, some kind of connection of the opinions leveled, changed the new quality which is not reduced to the simple sum of individual opinions.

secondly, as selection criteria when forming public opinion public interests and serve. Only those phenomena or the facts of public life become its objects which rivet on themselves attention, cause need for development on them the general judgment;

The public opinion belongs to number of the phenomena which with great difficulty give in to the analysis and strict definition. Only in domestic literature it is possible to meet about two tens definitions of opinion. If to try to summarize them, it is possible to tell the following: the public opinion of a social community is a specific way of manifestation of a condition of consciousness of this community in which oposredstvenno and it is generally reflected the relations of most of her members to the facts, events. to the phenomena in objective or subjective reality which caused their interest and discussions and which is embodied in estimated judgments or practical actions of members of this community.