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In holidays works which suspension is impossible on technological (continuously operating enterprises), the works caused by need of service of the population and also urgent repair and loading are possible. At a of output and festive days the day off for the working day following after festive.

At the moment there is quite large number of universal complexes of conducting accounting which are intended not only for automation of the accounting of work and ZP on MT, but also for conducting all accounting, both on small and at the large enterprises.

Initiation of performance of operations in the computer. The computer system can carry out some operations automatically, and their authorization is not necessarily documented as it becomes in not automated systems of accounting as the fact of acceptance of such system in operation by administration assumes implicitly existence of the corresponding sanctions.

Uniform performance of operations. Computer processing assumes use of the same teams when performing identical operations of accounting that practically excludes to emergence of the random errors ordinary inherent in manual processing. On the contrary, program mistakes (or other systematic mistakes in equipment rooms or software) lead to the wrong processing of all identical operations under identical conditions.

For the personnel which is on price-work compensation the basis for charge of a salary orders and other documents, for the works performed within a month according to the approved performance standards and quotations are.

According to article 78 Labour Code monthly compensation of the worker who worked the norm of working hours which is completely defined for this period and executed the labor duties cannot be below the minimum monthly amount of work. The minimum wage does not join surcharges and extra charges, and also awards and other incentive payments.

Leave on a part-time job is granted along with holiday on the main work. In case on a primary place of employment the part-time worker is granted leave of bigger duration, at the request of the part-time worker it is granted leave without salary on the corresponding of days.

If for any reasons the salary at the enterprise for the reporting period was not charged, payments in RPF are not made, and penalties for it do not follow. Thus it is necessary to show documents on impossibility of payment of contributions.

The compensation sums added by the enterprise in monetary and natural forms for the fulfilled and unfinished time, the stimulating surcharges and extra charges, compensation payments, single pooshchritelna of payment, and also payment for the food, housing, fuel having regular character belong to a wages fund.

The enterprises have the right to choose a look, system of compensation, awarding condition, the staff list, to increase the sizes of tariff rates (a salary. There are two forms of compensation - price-work and time with their versions (systems)

The purpose of activity of the organization is the satisfaction of needs of domestic market for production, works and services. From all the kinds of activity of firma “ONIKS-VLD" LLP provided by the charter carries out retail trade in foodstuff.

At price-work and progressive compensation the salary for development of production is within the mark charged at an invariable quotation (as at a straight line price-work), and for production developed over initial norm on progressively - to the accruing quotations.

At time wage of work form the basis for a of a salary: the sheet of the accounting of time, a personal card with designation of the category, i.e. a tariff rate of the worker, the provision on a, etc. At an okladny form of compensation - a regular, the provision on awarding, orders and a about surcharges etc.

Time wage of work consists that work for a unit of time according to a tariff rate is paid. Tariff rates can be sentries day, monthly. The salary is defined by multiplication of an hour tariff rate by hours worked, at simple time system.

Absence of accurate formulations in service records can lead to the wrong calculations of the continuous seniority of work of the worker, especially it concerns the dismissals connected with need of care of the juvenile child.