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Almost all elephants – wreckers. Both larvae, and bugs eat various parts of plants. They eat flower and sheet kidneys, flowers, seeds, fruits, young leaves, stalks, scapes, bark, wood, and the larvae living in the soil, the massive jaws day and night gnaw thin backs of various plants. However, there are also useful types. They promote destruction of wood of the trees which fell in the wood.

Once, when I absolutely already lost faith in constructive completion of experience, brought simply a branch with acorns (earlier I did not do it), and in the same day, absolutely repeating all above-mentioned actions for making of an opening in which the larva will feel safe, the female started reproduction.

Insects - the prospering class of animals. much more surpass all other animals in variety of types, distribution, total number. Now more than 1,5 million types are known already.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to see posterity. Most likely, the larva was lost because the branch dried up, and juice which probably was necessary to a larva for life ceased to come to an acorn. That nobody thought that a case with a branch a mere coincidence, I made this experiment three more times, and all my experiences were reduced to that the female of an acorn elephant somehow can define that in an acorn with a branch the larva has, though small, but nevertheless chance to survive.

After all ants of this view from different families are not at war among themselves for territories as their wild colleagues, and unite and can form widely scattered colony consisting of millions of workers and thousands of queens.