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On the other hand, quantitative measurement of economic growth does not take its negative impact on environment and on quality of life into consideration. Our data will overestimate positive impact of economic growth as in them its communication with deterioration of a state of environment and increase in stress loads on production is not considered.

Besides, even taking into account the branched range of the goods made by the large companies in the conditions of mass production, huge domestic market of the USA cannot absorb production of one highly specialized plant of high power.

The listed advantages of the international production far do not settle all incentive motives of external expansion of the monopolistic capital. At the same time the originality of modern development of monopolies of the USA consists that they try to locate in economy of other countries already not only in traditional spheres of trade and finance, and mainly direct introduction in industrial structure, in the advanced branches of the industry.

The most obvious conclusion from Denison's data is that increase of an iroizvoditelnost of work an elk the most important fiktor providing growth of a real product and the income. Notice that increase in labor costs (point defines about 1/3 gains of the real income for this period, the remained 1/3 gains are provided with labor productivity increase.