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At least, until recently we had no the universal programs capable at the same time to model, for example, thermodynamic behavior of the filled GTsK (before creation of a bubble in pressure compensator) and an open active zone (that demands the accounting of not condensed gas or an emergency in which 2 Wednesdays, even with deformation of the heatallocating assemblies substantially participate. The same belongs to the program of neutron calculations: it is quite difficult to imagine that it could provide fast and slow kinetics, local and global effects.

Thomson-TsSF/DSI who probably is the world's largest manufacturer of exercise machines for power and today in particular, made all French fully volume (full-scope) exercise machines and participated in numerous projects in the different countries of the world.

So, extraordinary revival of activity round design, manufacturing techniques and even use of exercise machines, the first industrial which were born nearly quarter of the century back is observed.