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Boundary frequencies of coefficient of transfer of current of f = 90 MHz, the calculated f value = 103,73 MHz. During the operation of the bipolar transistor at a frequency to f the coefficient of transfer of current in the scheme with ABOUT will satisfy to a preset value.

Task: To define barrier (zaryadna of capacity and size of a surface of collector and emitter transitions, and also geometrical sizes of a semiconductor plate in which the transistor structure is formed.

This case found broad application abroad as for low-power and average power (to 5 W) transistors, and for integrated schemes. A lack of KT-1 and KT-2 cases is possibility of gas emission in the internal volume of the case when sealing. It is a lack of all goryachesvarochny cases, but it is overcome by application of protection of floatable and splavnodiffuzionny structures various varnishes, compounds, zeolite.

The KT-1 case, metalglass, pressurized by electrocontact welding. The flange of the basis represents the metal cup filled with glass (insulator) through which pass the conclusions having a fillet for sealing by electrocontact welding. The case has case a conclusion which is welded on a flange bottom. The cylinder of the case represents the hollow cylinder with a bottom which is put on the outer diameter of a cup of a flange.

Basic element of a design of the transistor is the crystal, or transistor structure of a crystal which represents a semiconductor plate with the transitions created on it by emitter (EP) and collector (KP). Other elements of a design are the case, a kristalloderzhatel, conclusions.

The KT-2 case, (TO-5 - foreign designation, metalglass, pressurized by electrocontact welding, is similar on the design to the KT-1 case and has only a few big sizes. Its design possesses the same reliability, differs in the same simplicity and technological effectiveness of a design, as well as the KT-V case this case it is possible to mount all existing types of transitions of low-power transistors, and also silicon transistors of average power (to 5vt) on condition of use of the additional heat sink.

Structurally the case consists of two basic elements: basis and cylinder. The basis includes: flange, insulator and conclusions. The cylinder represents a cup with a fillet. For low-power bipolar transistors the most suitable metalosteklyanny cases of the KT-1 and KT-types

Possibility of installation in the case of planar or floatable and diffusive structure is shown when the crystal napaivatsya by the collector electrode directly on a basis flange. Thus the crystal can have the maximum sizes of 3,5 x 3,5 mm.

As a result of calculation electrophysical and geometrical parameters of transistor structure, parameters of the equivalent T-shaped scheme of the transistor have to be determined by alternating current, its operational parameters. The part of electrophysical and geometrical parameters at calculation is set proceeding from reasons of a nomenclature order. At the end of calculation the transistor case type gets out.