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Still discoveries were made incidentally. Them would be more, if issled. were armed the rights with method. The method is a way, the main means. Tools, concern to him. ability of our perception, and tool,. itself persons thought. Science not passive contemplation, but experiment, a t.a expands active test of the nature.

Claiming as if ideas belong to other ideas as the general to private P. falls into a contradiction. At such understanding each idea is at the same time and the essence as being the general, it is present at less general, and not essence since it is in turn involved in more general idea which is above it, a cat. also will be its essence.

the love is a love to eternal possession of the benefit. That it was possible to call aspiration to the benefit love it is necessary to give rise in fine as corporally and spiritually. The birth is a share of immortality and eternity, a cat is released to a mortal being. Love it and aspiration to immortality.

On And. everyone it is uniform. the thing is unity of a matter and form. The form is non-material, but it is not also otherworldly essence. So copper sphere is unity of substance - copper - and forms - sphericity, a cat. it is given to copper by the master, but in really. a sphere it makes one with substance.

F.A. (1225-12 Osn. aim working off of the main doctrines. dogmas in forms of common sense. Leaning on Arist. canonized. pony. ratios ideal and mater. as. the initial principle of a form with. principle of a matter. (the weakest type of life). Merge of pervoprintsip of a form and mater. gives rise to the world. phenomena. Soul of the people principle, however full. she receives an embodiment only at. with a body.

Caves - mistakes,. owing to the subject of preferences, sympathies, antipathies of scientists: one see distinctions between subjects, other - their similarities more. One are inclined to trust in authority of antiquity,, on the contrary, give preference only to the new.

The main condition of progress of knowledge - improvement of ability of conclusion, the major form a cat. the correct induction is. To B. Phyl, writing about induction paid attention to those cases, a cat confirm proved or. them provisions. B. emphasized value of those cases, a cat. disprove generalization, contradict it. It so. negative instances.

Contradictions a condition for motivation of soul to thinking. To induce art to reflection by means of identification of the contradictions which are concealed in daily opinions is, according to P., art of dialectics.