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Now in the world development market in the energy sector is observed. It, first of all: privatization,, competition encouragement, and also liberalization of the prices of resources.

At the same time in China, India, other developing import countries of energy resources, and also the leading export countries of oil processes of introduction of market elements in branch of energy industry did not distribution yet.

The energy sector is one of the main sources of emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases therefore on power the problem of providing the greatest contribution to reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases due to creation more ecologically of ways of production and use of energy lays down.

According to the Protocol all its participants undertake to develop, publish, carry out and in due time to revise the programs including actions for decrease in emissions and adaptation to climate changes in power, industrial and in transport sectors. The parties also have to develop and encourage distribution of environmentally friendly technologies. Special emphasis has to be put on scientific and technical cooperation and development of participation in interstate actions in this. Financial resources can be provided by the countries of the Appendix I through bilateral, and multilateral participation for realization of the specified actions.

This situation can promote and is already used by for receiving purposeful investments and modern power effective, energy saving and more environmentally friendly technologies of the developed states.

The Protocol provided a number of tools, cooperation between the states specified in I: mechanism of joint performance, mechanism pure and trade in quotas of emissions of greenhouse gases.

Luxembourg-28%; Germany — 21%; Denmark — 21%; Austria — 13%; — 12,5%; Belgium — 7,5%; Italy — 6,5%; — 6%; Finland — 0%; France — 0%; Sweden — +4%; — +13%; Spain — +15%; Greece — +25%; Portugal — +27%.

Owing to features of transportation of gas the consumer is attached to system of pipelines on which the main part of the extracted fuel is delivered to consumers. Now quickly enough the technology of liquefaction of gas which can be transported by special develops.

By separate types the PEER it is expedient to begin the analysis of a situation with oil. "Black gold" is the most important fuel resource owing to convenience of its transportation, environmental friendliness and indispensability in a number of economy sectors, and also relative low cost of production. More of the oil extracted in the world comes to system of the international.