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Regional specifics of participation of the USA in world integration processes remain, however it would be wrong to oppose the certain regional directions. More likely, it is about broader, interregional integration processes (in particular, --) in which all participate the USA acting as the unifying subject in triple-pole system of global integration processes more actively.

Activization of integration processes between the USA, Canada and Mexico can push Japan to manifestation of bigger readiness to participate in interaction with a North American integration complex. It is doubtful that the tripartite closed group, reduction of participation in integration into ATR corresponds to interests of the USA, Canada and Mexico. Is not casual at all that during the American-Canadian negotiations on creation of the general a wound, the USA as otmechalosranny, proposed to Japan the conclusion of the similar agreement. Canada declares connection support, both Japan, and Mexico to processes of the American-Canadian integration.

First of all, steady decrease in a share of key branches of production of goods - rural and forestry, the extracting and manufacturing industry and partly construction attracts attention. This tendency was formed under the influence of many factors, and their action was in some cases ravnonapravlenny.

Secondly, the need of economy for production of the knowledge-intensive branches steadily grows as process of its saturation far did not come to the end with this production. In a considerable measure observed steady increase of a share of the knowledge-intensive production in a total amount of industrial production is explained by it.

The last is caused by one of cardinal lines of the present stage of NTP, namely more and more amplifying tendency to the advancing growth of technical and economic efficiency of new and latest types of cars and the equipment in comparison with growth of their cost. Especially distinctly this tendency is shown in modern electronic equipment. It should be noted one more important characteristic of structure of capital investments in manufacturing industry of the USA.

Process of merge became the important factor stimulating development of many branches of the American economy. For example, purchase of McDonnell Douglas firm by the Boeing company and acquisition of "Lockheed" of the Norton Grumman company led to considerable changes in aerospace and defensive industries of the USA. Telecommunication Bell Atlantic and SBC Communications firms could get to number 25 of the largest local telephone companies thanks to acquisition.

The advancing growth of group of so-called knowledge-intensive branches and productions was one of the most remarkable phenomena for several last decades. Degree of intensity of research and development in industries, as we know, is defined by several indicators. One of criteria of category knowledge-intensive is the share of expenses on research and development in cost of the made production exceeding the average size of this share on all manufacturing industry. Also the indicator defined by correlation of annual expenses on research and development with a volume of gross "material" capital investments in this or that branch can carry out a similar role.

In the first half of the 90th the level of use of capacities in the processing and mining industry and a services sector tended to increase, expansion of investments into production for the purpose of increase in sales volume became more and more attractive.

By "Financial Times" it was published in the press of 500 largest companies of the USA at the market value of their share capital. Production of information technologies, pharmaceutical industry, providing financial services were the most successful sectors of the American economy within the last 3-4 years.

The state in North America. The territory - 9364 thousand sq.km. Consists of three non-adjacent parts: Actually the territory of the USA of 7,83 mln sq.km, borders on Canada, in the south on Mexico in the north, is washed by waters of Silent and Atlantic oceans, the Gulf of Mexico; Alaska - the area of 1,53 mln sq.km borders on Canada, is washed by waters of Silent and Arctic oceans; Hawaii - 24 islands in the Pacific Ocean, the USA with a total area of 17 thousand sq.km has a number of possession: Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea, East Samoas, Guam, Miduey, Ueyk, etc. in the Pacific Ocean.